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lokakuu | 2014 | Innorange

Outdoor people counting with Innorange

Innorange announces new outdoor unit to complement its existing Wi-Fi people counter sensor range. Most Wi-Fi counting solutions are traditionally deployed indoors such as malls, retailers or public places. With the outdoor unit it is now possible to extend measurements to cover outdoor areas, as parking lots, stations, festival areas and recreational areas. With the new outdoor unit Innorange can serve better its customers who have need for more holistic view of people routes and behavior – extending to locations where this was not possible before.

The new unit has IP67 protection. It means that the equipment can operate in extreme weather conditions   as it is protected against dust and water. The unit operates in temperature ranges from -20 up to +70 C. It is PoE powered, which means flexibility in outdoor unitinstallation. High sensitivity enables cost efficiency as it covers larger outdoor areas. As other Innorange sensors, this unit is also based on commercial HW from world class manufacturer.

Mobile phone based people counting has proven to be a cost effective tool to gain new insight to people movements. This is vital information for e.g. retailers, mall operators and airports to streamline their business operations. Our customers have been very satisfied for the new and accurate measuring model, which provides them the data to understand better how to persuade the customers from the people flow. Now it is possible both indoors and outdoors.

The Leading Footfall Loyalty Company

Innorange Oy is a leading footfall loyalty company, which provides improved business results through advanced people flow analysis.