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lokakuu | 2015 | Innorange

Innorange and S Group announces valuable results in analysing customer behaviour

Innorange and S Group announces good results in piloting the advanced people counting and customer behaviour analytics solution. The project started on March 2015 through the Corporate Venture Program coordinated by Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd. and the results were published today.

S Group was looking for improvements to their in-store efficiency and operational results. There is also a need to understand better shoppers’ behaviour in the stores to improve customer experience and service level. “We are convinced of the benefits we got during the pilot project,” says Karlos Kotkas, Development Manager S Group.
“With the insights in Sokos department stores in Helsinki and Tampere we were able to get new information on capture rates, shopper flows and cross-use of sections. The first results led us into redesign the womenswear section. The analysis showed variation in the use of different sections and pushed us into changes of product placement and store layout,” says Tomi Suokas, Development Manager at Sokos and Emotion.

“In Emotion, cosmetic speciality stores, S Group analysed number of customers, draw-rates, new customers vs. repeat customers and retention. “The first results gave us information, which did not exist before. Now we know how many people enters the store compared to by-passers. We want to drive more traffic in stores, so we are redesigning the entrance of the store and are eager to see the results”, continues Tomi Suokas.

“In this project we were able to demonstrate how new type of data will help retailers to improve their performance. Close co-operation and information sharing has also helped us to further developed our solution and make it more user friendly. These kind of projects are really important for us as it shows the true value and potential of our solution,” says Markku Siikala, CEO Innorange.

Further Information:
Karlos Kotkas, Development Manager S-Group, + 358 50 4053147
Tomi Suokas, Development Manager SOK/Sokos and Emotion, +358 50 3883849
Markku Siikala, CEO Innorange, +358 400 753001
Innorange is a leading provider of in-store advanced people counting and customer behaviour analytics solutions. We collect data inputs and compute with complex algorithms meaningful, diverse and accurate business metrics and analysis for the store and chain management. The solutions can be deployed quickly and at very affordable price and can scale from one store to large chain of stores.
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