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Our mission is to help you grow your business through the use of analytics and insights


Do you know how many of your customers are loyal repeat customers and how often they shop your store or how many leave without buying? What is the shopping time at best performing vs. other stores?

Until now much of this information has only been available through expensive and work intensive loyalty programs. Through our unique technology we can offer this valuable insight to you with very affordable prices. To learn more, please ring us or leave your contact details.

We’re a team of cutting-edge professionals

We’re a team of experienced professionals on our field, and dedicated to what we do. Get to know us better below!

Markku Siikala
Chair of The Board

Markku has successfully driven new businesses both in large enterprises and in start-ups.

Phone: +358400753001
Email: markku.siikala@innorange.com
Samuli Silanto

Samuli has strong experience in turning innovations to solutions. Samuli will demonstrate you easily what are the key benefits when using Innorange's solutions, and how hassle-free is setting up the Innorange’s solution in any B2B environment.  

Phone: +358504837411
Email: samuli.silanto@innorange.com
Antti Lappeteläinen

Antti has a strong experience in R&D both in international corporations and start-ups. He has a holistical view to various radio and vision technologies and he translates your needs to the technical requirements. Antti is an inventor in over 35 US patents and masters patenting in Innorange.

Phone: +358400468003
Email: antti.lappetelainen@innorange.com
Jukka Honkola

Jukka has a solid experience at interoperability and cloud computing. He is an inventor in 20 patents and applications on field of ICT. Jukka will tell you how what is the most convenient way to deploy end-to-end solution in your business environment.

Phone: +358504861728
Email: jukka.honkola@innorange.com
Sverre Slotte

Sverre is the expert of software defined radio and embedded systems. He masters the development of Innorange sensor systems. Sverre makes sure that Innorange’s sensors will fit in your business case and you will have the best results using Innorange’s solutions.

Phone: +358504839532
Email: sverre.slotte@innorange.com

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