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Visit Intelligence acquires Innorange

Visit Intelligence Oy has acquired retail analytics company Innorange Oy for undisclosed amount. In 2016 Visit Intelligence made a capital investment in Innorange starting the strategic partnership between the two Finnish companies.

Due to the huge success with the retail analytics solutions provided by the companies, in March 30th 2017 Visit Intelligence acquired Innorange. The transaction has substantial strategic and financial benefits in the fast growing retail analytics market.

“Immediately after the initial investment we established a strong certainty that the steps taken were towards the right direction and Visit Intelligence wanted to tighten the partnership,” says Lauri Ruononen, The CEO of Visit Intelligence Oy.There is high demand for advanced visitor analytics in retail market. The acquisition will further strengthen Visit Intelligence’s competence by enabling it to offer its customers comprehensive analysis on in-store visitor measurements and behavior to improve customer satisfaction and the profitability of commercial premises.”

After the acquisition Innorange continues working as a subsidiary. Innorange has built a strong brand in WiFi analytics solution both in retail and OEM markets. Visit Intelligence is internationally known for its retail analytics trademark Visit®.

“The integrated solution portfolio has already proven itself in the market place including EuroShop trade fair where we closed multiple orders during the event,” says Antti Lappeteläinen, Chairman of Innorange Oy and the new CTO of Visit Intelligence Oy.

The services will continue normally as before without any concerns to the customer. Visit Intelligence welcomes Innorange team and new board members to the “Visit” family.

In-store analytics will be revolutionized: retail analytics start-up Innorange got significant investment from Visit Intelligence

CEO Samuli Silanto (left) and Chairman of Visit Juha Ruohonen presenting Visit OTOS IoT sensor

Driven by strong international growth Visit Intelligence Oy (Ltd), the supplier of total solutions for visitor analytics, has made a capital investment agreement of € 500,000 in Innorange Oy (Ltd) as part of the companies’ strategic partnership. The investment will ensure the seamless integration of Innorange’s mobile device observation technology and 3D computer vision analytics with the Visit® product portfolio. This package will further strengthen the position of Finland-based Visit Intelligence as a global pioneer in visitor analytics.

“The investment continues Visit’s strategy of expanding its competence from measuring visitor flow to holistic analysis of visitor behaviour in the retail sector in order to improve retailers’ profitability,” says Lauri Ruohonen, the CEO of Visit Intelligence Oy.

As the first result of this cooperation a new sensor Visit® OTOS was introduced at the MAPIC retail property trade fair in France. The IoT (Internet of Things) sensor utilises computer vision technology developed in Finland. It combines counting visitors and analysing visitor routes and visiting times. Visit® OTOS is the only sensor in the world as a single device also capable of creating anonymously gender and age profiles of customer bases and can be used to measure the occupancy rates of premises, illustrated with software-created heat maps. These performance indicators are used to improve customer satisfaction and the customer experience, as well as the sales and profitability of commercial premises.

In addition to the Visit® cloud service, the visitor information is also available in a more versatile manner through tighter integration to channel partners products utilising Visit® technologies

“When we surveyed technology actors globally, we found that the technology developed by ex-Nokia employees proved to be the best and most competitive solution. We believe that the fruits of our cooperation will in the near future revolutionise the way that people measure and improve profitability and the customer experience in commercial premises,” Lauri Ruohonen continues.

This strategic partnership with a pacesetter in visitor analytics will allow Innorange to deliver solutions to thousands of shops and shopping centres that already use Visit® visitor analytics.

“The measurement data Innorange produces will now be seamlessly available in Visit’s interactive reporting system, which we believe will best meet the requirements of the retail sector,” says Samuli Silanto, the CEO of Innorange Oy.

Thanks to the strategic partnership, customers of both companies will reap the benefits of the product and service solutions of both companies.


Visit Intelligence in brief

Visit Intelligence Oy (formerly Teknovisio Oy) produces solutions for analysing visitor volumes as well as visitor routes and behaviour in commercial premises.

Visit Intelligence analyses over 2 billion visitors every year. Globally more than 3 000 stores and shopping centers among others use Visit®. For example, about 60% of shopping centres in Finland use the Visit®. At the moment approximately 5 new stores are connected into Visit® system every day.

Visit® is a trademark owned by Visit Intelligence Oy.


Innorange in brief

Innorange Oy is a supplier of innovative measurement systems utilising location information. The solutions Innorange develops are used for customer analysis, not only in the retail sector, but also for measuring traffic flows and the behaviour of pedestrians.

Further information
Lauri Ruohonen, the CEO of Visit Intelligence Oy
+358 405369379
Samuli Silanto, the CEO of Innorange Oy
+358 504837411

Innorange at EuroCIS 2016

EuroCIS 2016 logo



Meet us at EuroCIS 2016 in Düsseldorf!

Innorange will exhibit leading in-store analytics solutions in EuroCIS 2016.
You can find us at booth 9 / E02
We will have live demos showing how new technologies help to analyze store performance and
increase productivity. As the show is very busy, we recommend to pre book a meeting with us

Meet you there!

EuroCIS 2016 sijainti

Innorange and S Group announces valuable results in analysing customer behaviour

Innorange and S Group announces good results in piloting the advanced people counting and customer behaviour analytics solution. The project started on March 2015 through the Corporate Venture Program coordinated by Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd. and the results were published today.

S Group was looking for improvements to their in-store efficiency and operational results. There is also a need to understand better shoppers’ behaviour in the stores to improve customer experience and service level. “We are convinced of the benefits we got during the pilot project,” says Karlos Kotkas, Development Manager S Group.
“With the insights in Sokos department stores in Helsinki and Tampere we were able to get new information on capture rates, shopper flows and cross-use of sections. The first results led us into redesign the womenswear section. The analysis showed variation in the use of different sections and pushed us into changes of product placement and store layout,” says Tomi Suokas, Development Manager at Sokos and Emotion.

“In Emotion, cosmetic speciality stores, S Group analysed number of customers, draw-rates, new customers vs. repeat customers and retention. “The first results gave us information, which did not exist before. Now we know how many people enters the store compared to by-passers. We want to drive more traffic in stores, so we are redesigning the entrance of the store and are eager to see the results”, continues Tomi Suokas.

“In this project we were able to demonstrate how new type of data will help retailers to improve their performance. Close co-operation and information sharing has also helped us to further developed our solution and make it more user friendly. These kind of projects are really important for us as it shows the true value and potential of our solution,” says Markku Siikala, CEO Innorange.

Further Information:
Karlos Kotkas, Development Manager S-Group, + 358 50 4053147
Tomi Suokas, Development Manager SOK/Sokos and Emotion, +358 50 3883849
Markku Siikala, CEO Innorange, +358 400 753001
Innorange is a leading provider of in-store advanced people counting and customer behaviour analytics solutions. We collect data inputs and compute with complex algorithms meaningful, diverse and accurate business metrics and analysis for the store and chain management. The solutions can be deployed quickly and at very affordable price and can scale from one store to large chain of stores.
For further information please visit

Innorange at EuroCIS

EuroCIS15_JV8789Our participation at EuroCIS 2015 in Düsseldorf was a success!

During the days our Wi-Fi sensors were counting daily over 13 000 visitors going through the Hall 9 along the main corridor. At the same time we got an accurate real time counting data from the Hall 10 to the TV-monitor at our stand. That was drawing a great attention among the visitors.

“Our specialists were doing a great job by demonstrating the latest features of our Sales Booster and on-line Wi-Fi counting”, said Antti Lappeteläinen (CTO), who was following the situation from abroad. Our booth was crowded and staff busy!

We were measuring the traffic flow in the main corridor by our Wi-Fi sensors.

EuroCIS 2015_9D01

Samuli Silanto (COO) and Markku Siikala (CEO) from Innorange Oy having discussions with customers.

Outdoor people counting with Innorange

Innorange announces new outdoor unit to complement its existing Wi-Fi people counter sensor range. Most Wi-Fi counting solutions are traditionally deployed indoors such as malls, retailers or public places. With the outdoor unit it is now possible to extend measurements to cover outdoor areas, as parking lots, stations, festival areas and recreational areas. With the new outdoor unit Innorange can serve better its customers who have need for more holistic view of people routes and behavior – extending to locations where this was not possible before.

The new unit has IP67 protection. It means that the equipment can operate in extreme weather conditions   as it is protected against dust and water. The unit operates in temperature ranges from -20 up to +70 C. It is PoE powered, which means flexibility in outdoor unitinstallation. High sensitivity enables cost efficiency as it covers larger outdoor areas. As other Innorange sensors, this unit is also based on commercial HW from world class manufacturer.

Mobile phone based people counting has proven to be a cost effective tool to gain new insight to people movements. This is vital information for e.g. retailers, mall operators and airports to streamline their business operations. Our customers have been very satisfied for the new and accurate measuring model, which provides them the data to understand better how to persuade the customers from the people flow. Now it is possible both indoors and outdoors.

The Leading Footfall Loyalty Company

Innorange Oy is a leading footfall loyalty company, which provides improved business results through advanced people flow analysis.