Our solutions

Advanced People Counting

Visitor Statics and Customer Loyalty

Innorange provides the most comprehensive people counting solution currently available. We combine state-of-the-art 3D sensors and mobile detectors with an advanced BI reporting tool, giving you the most comprehensive in-store analytics. Our solution offers you all the metrics you need to improve your store performance.

  • Passers-by
  • People stopping at your store window
  • Store visitor count – by department
  • Visit duration
  • Visit frequency

Queue Forecasting & Management

Queue management is a critical factor for both customer satisfaction and staff optimisation. Innorange provides the most comprehensive queue estimation and monitoring solution on the market.
Unlike competing systems which rely on historical data and queue length monitoring, Innorange’s solution takes advantage of real-time customer flow measurements and prediction models that enable us to accurately estimate staffing need for the next 5–15 minutes. Maximise your customer satisfaction by minimising queuing time.

Store location evaluation

Choosing the ideal retail location is a crucial element in the success of your business. Innorange solutions accurately measure people flow at possible new retail store locations, ensuring you make the best investment decision.