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For Retail

Visitor statistics and customer loyalty

Do you know how many of your customers are loyal repeat customers and how often they shop at your store? How many of them leave without buying anything? What is the shopping time at the best-performing vs. other stores?

Until now, this information needed expensive and labour-intensive customer loyalty programs. Our unique technology gives you these valuable insights at very affordable prices. To find out more, call or send us your contact details.

Store and chain performance

The Innorange Sales Booster business intelligence system is the ultimate tool for managing store and chain performance. It gives you all the KPIs you need to manage and benchmark store performance. Sales Booster combines window capture ratios, advanced visitor and loyalty statistics, sales conversion and average basket value into a set of key metrics.

Sales Booster lets chain management set and monitor targets and improve store performance. For store managers, it is an operations management tool to benchmark their own performance, evaluate their customer pull activities and optimise staffing levels.

Business processes

Our long experience in optimising business results through measuring people flow makes us experts at turning this insight into action in different fields of business. We let you measure people flow KPIs and convert them into action.

Whether you are setting performance-based targets or streamlining your operational processes, it is vital to know your current results and the impact of any changes. Our unique techniques reliably measure processes such as service times by activity and time spent in each area.

Queue management and optimisation

Queue management is a critical factor in both customer satisfaction and staff optimisation. Innorange provides the most comprehensive queue estimation and monitoring solution on the market.

Unlike competing systems which rely on historical data and queue length monitoring, Innorange’s solution takes advantage of real-time customer flow measurements and prediction models that enable us to accurately estimate staffing needs for the next 5–15 minutes. Maximise your customer satisfaction by minimising queuing time.

Evaluating potential store locations

Choosing the ideal retail location is a crucial element in the success of your business. Innorange solutions accurately measure people flow at possible new retail store locations, ensuring you make the best investment decision