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Privacy statement | Innorange

Privacy statement


Innorange Oy (”we”, ”us” and ”our”) is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

We hope that this Privacy Statement helps you understand what kind of information we collect and how we process that information.

This Privacy Statement explains how our Customer Flow Management Services (“the Service”) operate, and describes some of the technological safeguards we have adopted to ensure your privacy.

Innorange Oy does not collect or store any information about customers that would allow for the identification of individuals; the information we collect or store is always anonymous information.

Should you have any queries or questions concerning our approach to privacy, please do not hesitate to contact us at

The information we collect

Our Service allows us to observe the customer flow in the premises belonging to any of our customers. This means the path you take as you move through the premises of any of our customers.

Our Service detects transmissions from mobile phones and locates those mobile phones in a physical space. At no time do we intercept or collect any personal information, including mobile phone numbers. The names and details of individuals always remain anonymous to us.

These radio signals are detected by a number of our sensor units placed within the premises. This allows us to determine your path through the premises. Importantly, the information we collect or store is always anonymous and does not allow us to identify you personally.
Please note and rest assured that our sensor units do not allow us to do any of the following:

i) obtain your telephone number,
ii) listen to any of your calls,
iii) read any SMS or other messages read or sent by you, or
iv) log details of any calls or SMS or other messages made or received by you.
The information received does not allow us to identify you or any group of individuals.

How we use the information

The anonymous information we gather is securely transmitted from the premises to our ICT system. The information is then aggregated and analysed, and these mathematical and statistical analyses results are presented to our customer.

The resulting information may be used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to the following:

• Improved customer services – the information helps our customers decide how to deploy their staff to meet customer service requirements. For example, we can estimate the occupancy rate of the service points and identify the times when more staff are required.
• Improved operational design – understanding the flow of people in our customers’ premises means we can help our customers improve their business operations for the benefit of smoother customer services.
• Marketing – the information can help our clients design and plan marketing and advertising within their premises.

Anonymous information – you cannot be identified by our Service

In the development of our Service we have ensured that you cannot, at any time, be personally identified as a result of the time spent in our customers’ premises. The Service detects mobile phone signals that are further instantly mixed with a mathematical code that generates an anonymous numerical code. This numerical code contains no personal information. This anonymous numerical code is used only for the mathematical and statistical analyses for our services and it is not practicably possible for you to be identified personally by this process.

Furthermore, your privacy is protected by the following:

• Security – our sensor units are secure and are accessible only by our highly trained personnel.
• Anonymous data – the analysis of the information obtained by our Service is provided to each customer in anonymous, aggregated form only.
• Information presented to our customers – the results of mathematical and statistical analyses are presented to our customers in a form that does not include any personal information. It is therefore impossible for you to be identified by our operating procedures.

We recognise our responsibility to protect the information we gather. We take precautions that include administrative, technical and physical measures to safeguard this information. We are also committed to not accessing any information that would allow us, or a third party, to link anonymous information with any other data or information that would allow you to be identified; for example, images from a customer’s CCTV system.

Privacy Statement updates

From time to time, we may update this Privacy Statement with a notice on this home page. We recommend that you visit this Privacy Statement from time to time to learn about any such changes.
If you have any questions concerning our Privacy Statement, please feel free to contact us:

Mail address:
Innorange Oy
Valimotie 13 A
FI-00380 Helsinki



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